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Weight problems 

Weight problems, stubborn weight and disease are related.

Disease = symptoms = body dysfunction of any kind.

Your body is run by your autonomic nervous system (ANS).

What about the nervous system?

ANS runs all systems of the body and metabolism.

ANS is in charge of your body and your cells.

You must be able to burn fat at the cellular level.

Cellular health is involved in fat burning

No one knows how to evaluate cellular health.  (We do).

What blocks fat burning 

Inflammation blocks fat burning.

Stress (past and present) - blocks fat burning.

Past stress gets stuck in the ANS - blocking healing (fat burning).

When your body doesn't heal, it gets run down - it can't burn fat.

You must be able to heal your body, in order for fat burning to work.

Hormones and Fat Burning

You have 6 fat burning hormones.  

You have 3 fat blocking hormones.

Once the imbalance starts, it gets worse over time.

For metabolism to work, all hormones must be in balance.

In the presence of inflammation - your body won't burn fat.


Past and present stress

Past trauma (emotional and physical) causes inflammation.

The body (brain) remembers each stress and they all add up.

Past stress is stored in body memory.

It blocks fat burning.

An expert can find the beginning of your weight problems.

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