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Do you have Metabolic Syndrome? 

 Quick test: if you have belly fat, you are high risk.  Call us to get checked out.

Every minute counts with your health.  Call now. 

Before you get diabetes, heart attack, stroke or cancer.  Please, call now.

We've had people referred to us who waited and never made it.

Please call today.  The body gets worse each day, if this isn't addressed.


Metabolic Syndrome, has been in Medical Journals since 2002.

Metabolic Syndrome and "Stress" lead to all diseases.  

You may have no symptoms and have a heart attack or stroke, cancer or diabetes.  

Our expertise is the answer for which you've been searching.  

We've been addressing Metabolic Syndrome, since the 1990's, before it was written up in Medical Journals, we were 20 years, ahead of the curve.



* If you have: high blood pressure, high sugar, high triglycerides and high cholesterol, high LDL or low HDL, prior to going on any medication, you're still at risk.  

Your symptoms are being "managed", not addressed, corrected or reduced.

Managing symptoms, doesn't make them "magically" vanish.  

Without addressing "Metabolic Syndrome",  you only get WORSE.

Your health depends on professionals who can address they underlying cause and help you to truly regain your health, not just medicate your symptoms, away, while your health continues to decline.  

Medications can help short-term.  If you're on them long-term, they rob your health, even further.

Metabolic Syndrome is asymptomatic = no symptoms.


- No symptoms, before a heart attack.

- No symptoms, before a stroke.

- No symptoms, before diabetes or cancer.

- Your risk of getting diabetes is 2x - 9x greater.  Your risk of cancer is doubled.  

- Call today.  

-Be Proactive, towards health, not reactive, towards disease.  

-Have peace of mind, about your health.  

Call, today.  Your life may depend on it.



Since the 1990's, Eirini Beikousi, I.M.D. has offered her obese patients custom solutions to metabolic syndrome.

Your private initial consultation covers your specific metabolism and other health questions, to get to the root cause of your problem.

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