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Weight Problems



Most people have a  -  metabolic-health problem.

Some type of inflammatory process is blocking fat burning hormones.    

Aren't you sick of people telling you to cut calories or just stop eating?  

Weight problems and metabolic syndrome require a true expert to look at the whole person, not just count calories, or whatever newest gimmick is out, today.  

A large percentage of the population has metabolic syndrome.  

Decades before anyone heard of "metabolic syndrome", food sensitivities, gluten-intolerance, lactose-intolerance and other food allergies, Eirini Beikousi, I.M.D., was working with these concepts, since 1997.  

At Natural Health Services our years of expertise, equal better health for you.

We are pioneers in health, healing and weight loss.

If you are suffering needlessly, then this is making sense to you.  Call us, today.

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