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What do we do?   That depends on what you need.   Can I be direct?  Thank you.

What we don't do, is offer "one size fits all" programs that sometimes only provide marginal results.   

While many new "trends" are taking off, obesity, diabetes and other diseases are picking up steam and now - almost 70% of the US population is obese.

At Natural Health Services - what we've learned over many decades of education, training and experience is that each "new" diet, fad, program, techno-gadget, etc. (after the novelty has worn off), still finds Americans in worse shape than ever.  

 Today's  "health care" is actually nothing more than "sick-care", naming a condition, that requires medical intervention, but never solving the underlying problem that created the condition.  Like "closing the barn door after the horse runs away", they diagnose as part of a 'managed care' system, that just looks to make profit on managing as many conditions as possible, creating more ill-health and lowering our quality of life, even further.  


This system doesn't look to 'build' health, it doesn't have the capacity, the expertise or knowledge how to actually do this and it certainly isn't good for their business; when Americans start getting healthier and requiring fewer medical interventions their business suffers.  Americans would get healthier and happier, but business is more important than our health and our lives. 

Isn't it time we practiced "true health-care" and found a way to help the body to release/relieve each and all conditions.  Yes, the body can.  It was smart enough to make it.   

We strive to "elevate health and improve the health of humanity.  It's a grand goal and we've already seen many that were told there was no hope - get a brand new life.  Utilizing the intelligence (technology) already there, we can "Elevate Health".    The statistics that say: in the last 6 months of life, we will spend $250,000 - $500,000 on services (care), to just barely keep us alive, with no quality of life whatsoever is true and absolutely unnecessary.  This system must be changed and no one should get sick, be so sick that they don't recover.  That is totally unacceptable and we're doing something about it.

 As evidenced by "presentism"  - out healthy today is so very fragile, that we are all mostly zombies with no quality of life, we're just trying to survive our life, long enough to retire - and yet, that's when tragedy strikes most people. 

Health is so very important, true health - not just the absence of disease, that we believe this conversation must be very frank, because someone's very life could depend on it.   


Since we work with Elite and Pro-Athletes: whose careers span one or perhaps two decades, we've found how important "performance" is for the 'Corporate Athlete", who career spans four to five decades (big difference and requires much more endurance).  

Below: is just one example of a past Corporate Program - that was custom designed. 

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Note: Many companies, now offer an array of programs, where employee information is shared, creating an entirely new and more serious issue, in terms of privacy for the employee and liability for the employer.


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