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Photo Rejuvenation:  The "no knife" face lift



Watch Fine-Light (LED) Video.

Does LED Light Therapy really work?

LED Light Therapy technology is tried and tested.  Tested and evaluated by many medical practitioners, the technology was developed by NASA in the United States and continues to be the focus of reports
and white papers on skin rejuvenation.

How long will it take before I see results?

The visible results will depend upon each individual and may be affected by: age of the user, skin condition, diet, smoking and drinking habits. The average time in which a user of Fine-Light will see tangible results is 4 to 6 weeks. For others it may be longer, and in many cases some individuals will see results immediately.

Is LED Light Therapy safe?

Using the Fine-Light skin rejuvenation system is safe and completely non-invasive. It has been used for years in numerous medical procedures, spas, the offices of aestheticians and dermatologists and consumers around the world.