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I hadn't realized how bad my health issues and pain, had gotten, until I went to see: Eirini Beikousi, IMD. Her consultation was very thorough. We went through all my issues. I thought all I needed to do, was lose weight.

When "Dr. B", starting asking me questions, I realized I had a lot of pain and other symptoms. I knew I had foot pain--plantar fasciitis. I didn't realize I had neck pain, back pain, indigestion, bowel problems and more issues we uncovered. And although, I didn't know I had these..... here is the improvement. By the way, I had forgotten about the indigestion and allergies, until I no longer had them and then remembered I was taken meds for these.

My improvements in pain, relief and overall health: ---done in % of improvement

Energy 100% better
Sleep 110%
Neck pain 100%
Shoulders 95%
Indigestion 85%
Bowel 90%
Feet 95%

Lost inches of my waist and hips, too. And we haven't even worked on the weight loss, yet, so I expect to lose more weight, when we address that.

Dr. B, explained that all that inflammation was blocking fat burning. Inflammation from: neck, back, foot pain, indigestion, allergies: are all inflammation.

Thank you Natural Health Services
NC, Methuen, MA

Eirini is an amazing Health and Wellness Practitioner. Her program helped me get off 11 meds for multiple issues, including IBS, and many others.

My macular degeneration was almost gone. My eye doctor asked what I was doing and I told him to call Natural Health Services - Eirini Beikousi, IMD.

Imagine that, they tell you macular degeneration only gets worse.

I've heard of other amazing stories like this. Now, I have one, too.
Betty C., Windham, NH

I look forward to my appointments! This works better and lasts longer, than all the other modalities I have tried: acupuncture, massage, among others.
Cheryl, Methuen, MA

I love my newfound health and wellbeing. I suffered for 22 years, until I met you.
Jaqueline, Boston, MA

My cholesterol dropped from 350 to 240, my triglycerides dropped from 1200 to 600, my HDL improved too.

My weight dropped from a lifetime high of 164 to a more acceptable 148, in three months.

I don't get any more colds, the flu, my post-nasal drip is gone and I feel great!
LK, Plaistow, NH

I have lowered my cholesterol 75 points and my blood pressure is now normal.

Losing weight has always been very difficult, but I have managed to lose 23 pounds in 6 months.

I have less joint pain and more energy. Eirini has always been there for me -a great support!
Lynn, Atkinson, NH

After 22 years of meds, my heartburn has resolved with your custom program.

I don't get severe attacks, anymore thanks to my customized herbs.

In 6 months you have succeeded in what 20 years of drugs could not achieve.

I can live and eat again.

Thank you.
JP, Andover, MA

Thanks to your program. I am experiencing relief from severe gingivitis, depression and anxiety for which I am grateful.

I have lost eight pounds in six weeks and dropping.

I have no more sugar or carb cravings. It is working better than I expected.
Anna, Exeter, NH

Thank you for helping me, to save my tooth and get my diabetes under control.

I had a gum/tooth infection for over a year. However, antibiotics gave me severe side effects and I couldn't take them without getting sick.

My daughter recommended that I see you because they wanted to pull my tooth. After my first visit, the swelling went down and I saved my tooth.

My blood sugar is the lowest it's been since I was diagnosed with diabetes. Thanks again for helping me.
Anna, Exeter, NH

I want to thank you for all your help.

You and your natural healing have done more for me in the past 11 months than medications have done in 20 years.
Jackie, Methuen, MA

Thank you, for healing my endometriosis.

I went from having 27 days of pain each month, to having no discomfort or pain-at all.

And my migraine head-aches are gone too!
T.D., Haverhill, MA

After six surgeries, I am so delighted that I feel completely better with your customized healing program.

I am pain-free and don't require surgery anymore.
Donna, Groveland, MA

My new healthy body is amazing.

I am completely allergy free, my PMS is gone, and I have more energy in my 40's than I did in my 20's.

I don't get colds, the flu or anything else.
Jaquie, Methuen, MA

Thank you for helping me to reduce my asthma symptoms. I am breathing, without any meds or inhalers.
Nancy, Haverhill, MA

You helped me get my menopause symptoms (hot fiashes, etc) and urinary tract infection under control and increase my bone density at a critical time of my life.

Thank you.
Donna, Groveland, MA

I never expected after 22 years and 20 different kinds of medications, that your customized programs would heal me in 8 months.
Nurse, at a Major Hospital

Thank you for helping with my chronic sinusitis.

I have been on many rounds of antibiotics; I didn't think it would ever go away. Y

our program is wonderful and it has helped me and my family with all our health issues.

We have more energy, we need less sleep, we don't need medication and we are happy again.

Thanks again. I recommend you to my friends and family.
Rose, NH